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Between 2 Walls

Chiography: Maayan Libman Sharon

Co-Dancers: Stav Bar-Nahum

Rehearsal manager: Aviv Eveguy

Music:  The Album Leaf

Music -Soundtrack and editing: Amit Ben-atar

Length of the piece: 10 minutes

This piece deals with space and time.

To be between two walls - on the one hand - having to keep the rules, boundaries and guidelines, while fitting in to social norms and expectations, and on the other hand being moved by an inner desire to change the reality around us.

The solo begins in the space between two imaginary walls, as the audience defines the space and forms the walls. The piece ends with an attempt to escape the boundaries and explore the new space created as the dance moves into the audience.

בין שני קירות צילום שניר קציר
בין שני קירות
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