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                          Wake Up and Awaken

'A dance and visual art piece in collaboration with 'Studio of her own


My perception of the female DNA that I absorbed over the years from society and the environment is shaken. Through researching the gap between the past and the future, I wonder if my present, as a woman in the 21st century is better, and I am interested, as an artist who brings together the dancing body with the visual dimension, in testing my interface as a woman along the axis of history.


The creation was born from a dialogue and debate about the exhibitions of inaugural bowls and Galilean stamps on display in the Bible Lands Museum, which deal with identity and defense. The exposure to these objects opened a path to in depth research, thought and pondering about identity and the place of women in our times, in light of the dramatic changes that occurred along the axis of history in the world of women.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Collaborating Artist in the original creation: Maya Resheff

Visual Artist: Yael Buchbinder-Shimoni

Sound and Video: Leah Laukshtein

Collaborating Dancer: Natalie Afriat

Duration: 15 minutes

The creation was made as part of the “Adopt an Artist” project of the Bible Lands Museum in collaboration with ‘Yael’- A Home for Independent Artists in Jerusalem and the Dance Department of the Municipality of Jerusalem.


תעירו 2
תעירו ותעורררו
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