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All Good (2023)

Trio for three dancers, Text and Pause

I am searching for a welcoming territory, a hosting space, one that does not position the show apart from the audience rather breaks the fourth wall and invites the audience into an environment of playfulness, a place that challenges the conventions of the viewer. The creation strives, from its first moment, to foster several parallel vantage points: that of the audience on the performers, the performers on themselves (and one on the other) and the audience on themselves- the audience observes themselves as human beings.

I am exploring the relationship between situations and how the relationship influences the “reading” of the show and the viewer experience. Here, one leaves with the sense of “communal reading”. This reading attempts to create a common space centered around humanity and vulnerability. The dancers touch upon something fundamental in the familial experience: a family unit, the relationships of parents, personal history and failures allowing for the audience to identify with them while creating a shared experience and familiarity with the dancers.

I am researching how it is possible to create an intimate space in a point of time between three performers and a foreign audience. Can the time and space in a specific moment become intimate, open, sensitive and empathetic within one hour? In this space, I explore vulnerability, fragility and imperfection.

On stage are text sections, fragments of implied stories.

The movement world within which the creation exists moves between body, text, singing and voice to paraphrased movements and holds a relationship between verbal text, physical text, direct communication with the audience through the blurring of boundaries between performer and audience.

My desire is to create communal, intimate, sharing spaces that form direct connections and communication. This desire lives in me as I believe that it is what is missing in the world today; enabling spaces are disappearing from the world around us.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Collaborating Performers: Eyal Bromberg, Uri Dicker, Yulia Mejetskaya

Dramaturgical Consultant: Itzik Giuli

Costume Design: Maya Reshef

Music: Death Grips- No Love

Duration: 50 minutes.

The creation premiered at the Machol Shalem Dance House in 2023. The creation was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Choreographers’ Association, Kampi, C.A.T.A.M.O.N. Dance Group, Studio of Her Own and Machol Shalem Dance House.

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