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 A Nap in/across from Parliament (2020)

Maayan Liebman-Sharon is a Jerusalem-based choreographer who often collaborates with artists from different fields; scientists and intellectuals, and initiates varied projects in unconventional spaces. Extinction and isolation in the 21st century, the climate crisis and the gap between reality and fantasy are among her inspirations in the past few years. 

The afternoon nap was a custom in the first decades following the establishment of the state, however, it seems it was eliminated due to stress, the lack of time and intensivity that characterize our lifestyle. The artistic act seeks to return the custom to its original, rightful place, to refresh the legitimacy of the nap, which is still practiced in many cultures around the world. The afternoon nap symbolizes tenderness and an intentional break from the endless race in which we live. In this work, the ritual of dreaming offers the Parliament a time devoted to thought, processing, breathing and a pause from the relentless race, which often seems empty. 

Choreography, Concept and Text- Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Master of Ceremonies- Ruth Hof

Collaborating Dancer- Ido Barak

Dramaturgy - Itzik Giuli

Costume and Prop Design- Maya Resheff

Relaxation Soundtrack: Soundtrack Editor- Ittai Binnun, Original Music- Boaz Bentur, Voiceover track- Ruth Hof

Technical Production- Itamar Rappel

The project was initiated as part of the Israel Festival with the support of Institutional Routine 2.0, September 2020.


צילום: נטשה שחנס ועידו כהן

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