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E-sheket/116 Reasons (2016)

A dance and video piece that was created in collaboration with video artist Yaara Nirel 

E-sheket/116 Reasons  is a collaboration between choreographer Maayan Liebman-Sharon, video artist Yaara Nirel and scientist Dr. Ofra Benny who studied over the past year the synthesis of nanoscience and visual art and created a piece that investigating the point of interface between the technological alienation and the human existential anxiety state.

The living body is examined under the lens of microscope - enlarged, duplicated, dismantled and creates a molecular complex world, remarkably close to the chaotic reality in which we live in.


E-sheket/116 Reasons  is a dance and video performance (a duet for two dancers with a live video projection), which takes its initial inspiration from kinetic and dynamic processes that characterize the motion of the nanoparticles and from the morphing of the cells in the human body, and engages existential anxiety and concern. In this piece the artists investigate the kinetic process and visual motion of the nanotech world to its varieties.


The work was created as a part of the “Nano-art” project, that combines art and nanoscience, initiated by The Jerusalem  Municipality, The Hebrew University, Machol Shalem center, Hazira and Maamuta.


Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Video and Space design: Yaara Nirel

Partner and scientific consultant: Dr. Ofra Benny

Dancers:  Natalie Afriat and Shachaf Elimelech

Original co-dancers: Michal Agasi, Laura Kirshnbaum, Maya Resheff, Erin Shand

Artistic guidance: Ruby Edelman

Music: Terry Riley / Original Music and Sound Editing: Amit Ben-Atar

Costume Design: Gali Librayder

Length of the piece: 25 minutes

The piece premiered at Machol Shalem Festival 2016. 

Photo editing by Yaara Nirel

Photo editing by Yaara Nirel


 Photos By Yaara Nirel, Bart Grietens, Aharon Kritzer, Eli Katz and Ido Cohen

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