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Maayan Liebman-Sharon



Maayan Liebman-Sharon is a Jerusalem-based choreographer. She holds a B. Dance degree and an M. Mus degree in choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and a B.A. in Occupational Therapy. Maayan’s work has been shown at Israel Festival, Machol Shalem Jerusalem International Dance Week, Tmuna Theater, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, From Jaffa to Agripas Festival, Kelim Choreography Center, Hazira - Dance Arena, Zagreb Dance Center, and museums such as the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art,  Museum of Muslim Art, and Moscow Museum, among others. Maayan was a founder of the American Center’s Ma’amakim Program 2017-2018, which provided artistic mentorship for dance artists. She was the 2019 artistic director of original creations premiered in Machol Shalem Dance House’s Jerusalem International Dance Week. That same year, she curated the dance program’s pre-premieres in the Jerusalem Biennale, in collaboration with Machol Shalem Dance House and the Biennale


List of Works:

2019 – Heavily Ever After

2018- Arctica

2018- Jamaah

2018- The Solitude of the Last Mammoths

2017- Awaken and Enlighten

2016- E-Sheket/116 Reasons

2016- Ha-Shuka (To-Market)

2015- 2D-3D

2014- Through the Window

2014- Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa

2013- A Passing Shade, A Dissipating Cloud, A Fleeting Dream

2012- Between Two Walls

2012- Standing in Front of Him

2009- Storm

2008- The Fear of the Dark

2006- My Dear

2005- Nikba [Tunnel]

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