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Ha-Shuka (2016)
​A dance and video piece that was created in collaboration with video artist Yaara Nirel 

The market is heavy, grounded. A basic place. Food. Heavy bags. Carts. Legs dragged. The floor is cracked. A life that is revealed in walking.

The work deals with people on the Jerusalem streets, in the market, figures, walks, humanity. The video sculpts the body, illuminates, exposes and hides it, inserts it into a space, creating a duet between the dancer and the video. 


Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Video: Yaara Nirel

Co-Dancer: Or Ashcenazi

Music: Hauschuka

Length of the piece: 15 minutes

The piece premiered at “From Jaffa To Agripas 2016” festival.

מיפו עד אגריפס

Photos By Tomer Zmora, Yaara Nirel and Nitai Baruch

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