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                          (2019) Heavily Ever after

​A dance and video piece that was created in collaboration with video artist Yaara Nirel

Through a duet between a dancer and video screening, the work ‘Heavily Ever After’ looks back at the iconic saying that haunts us - Happily ever after.

What actually happens on the day after “ever after”?
Based on the iconic solo "The man I love" by Pina Bausch we look at the gap between fantasy and reality; between the inner will to the expectations of society; and examine which images are so often inserted into our hearts and heads making us embrace this narrative

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Video and Sound design: Yaara Nirel

Co-dancer: Almog Kidron

Artistic guidance: Renana Raz and Ofer Amram

Costume: Reut Shaibe

Length of the piece: 20 min.

The piece premiered in ‘Intimadance’ festival 2019, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Photo: Yair Meyuhas and Natasha Shakhnes 

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