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                          (2016) NanoDance

​A dance and video piece that was created in collaboration with video artist Yaara Nirel

A collaboration between choreographer Maayan Liebman-Sharon and video-artist Yaara Nirel, who studied over the past year the synthesis of nanotechnology and visual art.

The work is an adaptation of a project originally created for “NanoArt Project”.

In this piece the artists investigate the kinetic process and visual motion of the nanotech world to its varieties.


Scientific guidance: Prof. Ofra Benny.

Dancers: Irit Amichai, Ofri Aud, Shira Ben Uriel, Mor Bergman, Almog Kidron, Tali Mizrachi, Hila Zohar

The Piece was created for Dan David Prize Award Ceremony.

Photos by Yaara Nirel 

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