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The Butterfly Effect (2022)

At this moment, I feel my range of artistic fields of interest is changing and broadening. I am interested in relating to the moving body in new positions, trying to look at them in a different way from what I have seen until now, working with my imagination in a deeper way, and working with images that, at first glance, appear to be one thing but when looked at more closely or taken apart we see that they are the opposite.

In September 2022 I've created a new piece in a residency program of the JSDF - Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival 2022. The piece is called ‘The Butterfly effect’ and it is about physical phenomena in nature, natural disasters, and their embodiment on the moving body.


I am interested in researching physical phenomena that occur in nature and their embodiment and influence on the emotional state. For example, electricity and magnetism, movement associated with water such as whirlpools, and the effect of wind on the water’s surface. Because the subjects of extinction and climate change grips me I'm interested in natural disasters such as avalanches, earthquakes, volcano erupts underwater, lightning strikes water, and more. During this period of time, I have spent a good deal of time observing natural phenomena (some from close but mostly from afar). Nature is shifting, the world is changing and instability is upsetting the foundations I have tried to build around myself. I am interested in deciphering the behavior of matter in nature and the effect of the natural order on the moving body, to investigate the natural phenomena within the dancing body and natural phenomena as an emotional state.

Choreography- Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Co-Dancer: Itamar Glina

Original Soundtrack: Boaz Bentur

The piece was produced and premiered at JISDF - Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival 2022 residency program, Jerusalem, Israel.

Photographer Zeynep ülger

צילום: זיינפ אולגר ודור פזואלו

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