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Water Bears (2023)

I have been asking myself, considering the climate crisis and the changes occurring on Earth and its inhabitants, what creature will outlive us all? That is how I discovered a fascinating creature called the water bear, or by its scientific name Tardigrade, a small creature that entered my heart. Water bears are the most adaptable creatures. Their body length is around one millimeter. 
Water bears are known, among other things, for their ability to withstand severe dry conditions and survive in extreme environments. They are the only creatures that can endure in the void of space, meaning they can withstand low atmospheric pressure.
It seems to me that the creatures that will be the last to survive on Earth Will be the water bears.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon
Co-Dancer: Yulia Mezhetskaya 
Original Music: Liron Meshulam (Flora)

The piece was produced at the JISDF - Jerusalem International Solo DanceFestival 2023 residency program

Photos by Dor Pazuelo

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